what we do

Build A Movement (BAM) is dedicated to supporting activists, organizers and movements fighting for democracy, rights and justice around the world.

Our support primarily takes the form of training and coaching to build the skills of front line activists in the methods of strategic nonviolence, civil resistance and movement building. Over the past decade, BAM staff and trainers have worked in dozens of countries, including highly repressive environments, and trained thousands of activists.

Beyond training, BAM supports activists by developing educational material on movement building and technological tools to evade surveillance, censorship and harassment.

Thousands of Buddhist monks took part in Burma's Saffron Revolution (2007)

Thousands of Buddhist monks took part in Burma's Saffron Revolution (2007)


In partnership with the Wickr Foundation, BAM is developing Whistler, an activist toolkit to fight surveillance, censorship and repression. Designed specifically for activists operating in closed societies, Whistler will enable human rights defenders, democracy advocates and journalists to remain safe, both online and in the physical world, while fighting for change. Whistler will allow for secure communications, swift reporting of human rights abuses and alerting relatives in emergency cases.

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A chance for change in the new Thailand

With the adoption of the junta’s constitution and the death of the widely revered King Bhumibol, a new political landscape has been taking shape in Thailand. The junta has consolidated its power and gained an electoral mandate, but lost the popular legitimacy it derived from a beloved and revered king. For an opposition that has been all but inert, the new political environment offers an opportunity to form a united front, challenge the junta, and restore democratic rule — if they can grasp it.

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How to beat the islamic state through nonviolence

The Islamic State has convinced the world it was so ruthless that only massive armed campaigns could defeat it. But this is a myth maintained by all authoritarian governments. Committed activists, thinking and acting strategically, can turn local populations against the Islamic State and effectively dismantle its sources of power.

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