Zimbabwe: Pro-democracy Movement

Image Credit:  Zimmetro.net

Image Credit: Zimmetro.net

The new pro-democracy movement in Zimbabwe began in April 2016 with the impassioned plea of Pastor Evan Mawarire on social media coinciding with President Robert Mugabe’s 36th consecutive year in power.

Pastor Mawarire's "This Flag" movement and a number of parallel movements like Tajamuka have organized mass protests and strikes throughout the country. In turn, pro-Mugabe supporters have held marches to show their backing for the long-standing president. The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, which has typically lent unquestionable support to Mugabe, recently came forth and publicly rebuked Mugabe’s abuse of presidential powers.

The major demand from protesters are for Mugabe, and his Zanu-PF party, to take responsibility for the current poor economic conditions and launch democratic reforms for more transparency and accountability. More radical movements, including Tajamuka, have explicitly called for Mugabe's resignation. 

Recently, the momentum behind the #ThisFlag movement has faded as Mawarire has sought asylum in the US. The Tajamuka ("We are Rising") movement in turn is seeking to expand its support base into rural areas. The judiciary has upheld the constitutionality of the protests, contrary to Mugabe's wishes. 


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