Tracking nonviolent movements

While violence occupies a large part of media coverage, policy discussions and academic research, armed conflicts are often the result of power struggles among fairly small numbers of players with interests very different from those of the general population. By contrast, large-scale nonviolent movements carry grievances supported by hundreds of thousands or millions of citizens. The political significance of these movements means that, whether we agree with their demands or not, they deserve to be heard and understood. The ‘Tracking Nonviolent Movements’ project aims to provide analysis of ongoing movements around the globe from a strategic standpoint to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood of success.

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PRIVACY, SECURITY and internet freedom

In cooperation with the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), BAM is developing Whistler, an activist toolkit to fight surveillance, censorship and repression. Designed specifically for closed societies and highly repressive environments, Whistler will enable human rights defenders, democracy advocates and journalists to work while staying safe, both online and in the physical world. Whistler will pack documentation and data-collection tools, a panic button for emergency situations and give access to training material on civil resistance and movement building. The mobile application will be available on Android at first, and later on iOS.

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Skill-building workshops and training

On the ground with activists, on university campuses, with policy-makers or in the media, BAM is committed to strengthening the capacity of people-power movements and civil society around the world, not only to challenge authoritarianism and injustice, but to ensure peaceful and durable transitions to democracy. BAM's courses and training workshops, online or offline, develop the practical skills of participants on how to build and sustain movements, mobilize large numbers of supporters, formulate and communicate their vision, devise effective tactics and strategies, and remain safe in the face of violent repression. Contact us directly for more information on workshops and courses or to request support.